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Feature Films

The five finalist feature films with the highest number of votes from the audience.

The order is just alphabetical and is not based on the number of preferences expressed.


13 NOTES EN ROUGE by François Gaillard 

After a seemingly drunken evening, Charlotte wakes up in the middle of the night on her bed. While she has no memory of the past few hours, she hears her co-tenant being violently attacked in her room...

Gaillard realized a unique gem. Excellent directorial technique, perfectly fitting special effects, and actors perfectly immersed in their roles. The vibrant red and black contrast is beautiful. The director's passion for our own Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci is evident. The choice not to clarify whether the girl is dreaming or it's reality is excellent. A must-have for any collection. (conan.barbaro@)


People would say how much they wish to reincarnate as humans in their next life. But for young Ming, his desire is to become a red plastic chair, to be useful, allowing people to move it, use it as a stool, or sit on it.

An incredible movie! The director plays with the irrationality of the protagonists who live in an unreal dimension. Very cruel and direct, it has a visionary staging with a wonderful soundtrack. (annaliset72@)


LESBIAN PSYCHO?  by Nicola Vitale Materi

Two new media journalists get on the tracks of a murder case in a psychiatric clinic. The outcome stuns them.

Interesting experimental film, narrated through the found footage expedience. The investigation inside the psychiatric clinic is well executed and keeps the viewer in an anxious state. (lucarossanesi@)

The Activated Man_poster 1000.png

THE ACTIVATED MAN  by Nicholas Gyeney

As Ors Gabriel struggles with the grief and pain from losing his best friend and beloved dog, Louie, to cancer, the shock from the trauma brings on strange visions only Ors can see. While he questions whether his mind has fractured or if it's actually real, a mysterious rise in murder-suicides takes hold of the city, and Ors becomes haunted by images of a shadowy figure known to many as ‘The Fedora Man’. Through torments and terror, Ors uncovers dark secrets from his past, forcing him to embrace who he really is, and what he is meant to do. But, with escalating visions of ‘The Fedora Man’, Ors must face his fears as he spirals downwards, testing the very limits of his sanity.

Disturbing atmospheres from start to end, with a direction that always leaves the viewer on the edge between hallucination and reality. Excellent cast, good visual effects, it's a pleasant watch. I hope it makes it to the final because I want to see it again on the big screen! (denis.origia@)

UNLUCKY TO LOVE YOU  by Mauro John Capece

Disappointed with life and love in Italy, American DJ Russell wants to return to America, but he doesn't have the money to do it. His Chantal, an Italian dancer, left him to make a career. Taking advantage of Russel's similarity with her husband Doctor Fulvio Ricciardi, Lucrezia, a shrewd and Machiavellian woman, offers him a hope: she will give him money to go to America if he will help her to withdraw a large amount of money in the bank. Upon accepting, Russell will be embroiled in a series of sinister and deadly events that will turn his life into hell.

Mauro John Capece once again confirms his personal artistic vision, never predictable, with an elegance like director and a poetic quality that never leaves the viewer indifferent. The intertwining stories of the various characters in the narration of a diabolical plan are the most interesting aspect of the film. (darkmind4ever@)

Short Films

The five finalist short films with the highest number of votes from the audience.

The order is just alphabetical and is not based on the number of preferences expressed.


CABIN by Nancy O'Brien

A married couple, Kyle (William McNamara) and Sonya (Marian Aguilera) are on the verge of divorce. They take their therapist's advice, and rent a cabin in the mountains for a romantic weekend getaway. External forces have other plans as the couple tries to salvage their relationship.

I loved Cabin! It was scarier because it Could really happen, it seems like something very real. The entire production was so well done, from the lighting, cinematography, set design, directing, music, even the credits were unique. A very neatly done production (branchburt@)

The film was interesting, well shot, well acted, and overall well produced. I enjoyed the story, the characters worked, the twist was fun, and the kills were great! Very fun film and worth the watch!  (ghfilmslv@)


EVOCATOR by Francesco Gozzo

From time immemorial, in a remote monastery the arts of necromancy are handed down, the medieval dark magic

A good fantasy/horror short where everything works! (aliceinwonderland90@)

Direction, costumes, setting, but also the talent of all actors make this short film something unique. I hope to see a feature film from this very interesting director soon. (keplero666@)


GIALLO by Yogesh Chandekar

A quirky ode to Italian Giallo cinema, a young woman returning from a party is stalked by a mysterious masked killer who’s much more than what he seems to be.

I liked the film a lot for its story and for the scary element. It does give you the goosebumps! A must watch! (urmilachandekar61@)

I like the movie because of its gripping storyline. I love the twist at the end and how the story still manages to give an important social message. The music in the movie is simply breath-taking. The movie also manages to capture the vibe of Mumbai!! (saniyapathare99@)


LIVER by Alessio Cuboni

Marco is an introverted and solitary man, tormented and traumatized by his past. He makes a life choice based on science and reason, embarking on a career as a medical researcher and rejecting the education and strange beliefs with which his mother raised him, based on ancient tales, legends and superstitions. Although he has decided to live a life in solitude, the meeting with Maria, a girl suffering from a serious illness, will lead him to question all his certainties and to find an extreme solution, once the science and medical technology to which he has devoted his whole life fail.o.

Sentimental horror genre. A love that transcends all limits. (carla.antonello11@)

The combination of folk beliefs and magic leads one to believe that love can truly inspire hope in something impossible.. As unsettling as fear makes people do unthinkable things.(tandgvico@)


VALLEY OF SOULS by Edileuza Penha de Souza, Santiago Dellape

A black family tries to defend their land against invaders but gets caught between a mischievous witch and a tortured spirit eager for revenge.

Nice Brazilian take on folk horror with powerful score..  (dalapa@)

Fear in its purest form! The witch's lullaby is truly unsettling, and the chilling setting adds to the suspense. (enzo.numbia86@)

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