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I WANT TO BE A PLASTIC CHAIR by Ao Ieong Weng Fong and EVOCATOR by Francesco Gozzo win the Stivaletti's Moon Dragons.
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The seventh edition of the Italian Horror Fantasy Fest concluded with the final awards ceremony, made even more special by the brilliant and entertaining hosting of Paolo Ruffini. The actor skillfully entertained and engaged the audience with his charisma and lively spirit. The ceremony was introduced by an intense monologue by Ruffini himself, which touched on crucial themes such as political correctness, censorship, and the visual distortion imposed by social media.

His speech stimulated reflection, highlighting the importance of freedom of expression and the unique emotional experience that only a movie theater can provide.

The Jury of Quality, which for this edition was chaired by director Eros Puglielli, writer Alda Teodorani, journalist and film critic Roberto D'Onofrio, executive producer Moreno Menchi, and the artistic director of the Fantafestival Marcello Rossi, has thus decreed the winners of the best feature film and best short film in competition.

Best Feature Film: I WANT TO BE A PLASTIC CHAIR by Ao Ieong Weng Fong

A crazy and original film that captures the viewer's attention and drags them into a whirlwind of paranoia that we never expected. A bold and courageous metaphysical leap, accomplished with impeccable formal balance.

Best Short Film: EVOCATOR by Francesco Gozzo

A horror/fantasy story with Gothic elements, set in the Middle Ages, a setting and theme rarely used in the last twenty years of Italian genre cinema. Awarded for daring to create an original story based on ancient manuscripts.

Flat Parioli Award: LIVER by Alessio Cuboni

Bruno Mattei Award: ZIO TIBIA - The Documentary by Ale and Max Copertino

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