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Italian tradition



The Italian Horror Fest originated as a summer event on the Roman coastline, with the first edition held in Anzio in 2010 and subsequent ones in Nettuno. The Festival's prerogative is to celebrate the masters of Italian genre cinema, whose works have influenced and inspired filmmakers worldwide. Additionally, it aims to discover new emerging talents and artists who continue this glorious Italian tradition.


The Festival's mission is to appeal not only to enthusiasts and industry professionals but, above all, to rediscover the more artistic and cultural aspects of a universe that spans from cinema to literature, from music to graphic and visual arts.

In all editions, in addition to film screenings and exclusive premieres, the focus has been on engaging the audience, with the participation of renowned international directors, literary encounters, concerts, exhibitions of special effects, cosplayers, comics, and gaming.

In 2020, due to the health emergency caused by the pandemic, the Festival's edition was adapted and modified into an online edition titled ITALIAN HORROR FEST COVID EDITION.

The 2021 edition marked a change in the event's name, with the aim of expanding the entertainment offering and embracing the fantasy genre under the new designation                 IHFF: ITALIAN HORROR FANTASY FEST.



Since its first edition, the Festival has aimed to represent an ideal connection between our genre cinema and international directors who have been inspired by Italian masters or have had the opportunity to collaborate with them throughout their careers.

American director Eli Roth, discovered by Quentin Tarantino, was the guest of honor in 2011 in Nettuno, while in the 2013 edition, special effects wizard Tom Savini thrilled the audience with his extraordinary participation.

Furthermore, in 2014, the Festival celebrated the great Polish author Andrzej Zulawski, who participated in a genre event for the first time.


In addition to the Master of Thrills Dario Argento, a constant presence in all editions,  the Festival has had esteemed directors as jurors, including Lamberto Bava, Luigi CozziRuggero Deodato, Claudio Fragasso, and Sergio Stivaletti. Prominent figures such as Pupi Avati, Enzo G. CastellariUmberto Lenzi, Manetti Bros., and Sergio Martino have also participated.

In the 2014 edition, the role of presenter was covered by the comedian and director Paolo Ruffini.


The Festival has presented exclusive European premieres, such as Anthony C. Ferrante's 'Sharknado' broadcast live from Los Angeles. The program has also been enriched by concerts featuring GoblinFabio Frizzi, and Cadaveria, as well as exhibitions of special effects and literary encounters with Italian genre authors.

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